Brand History


Dunkelvolk is an international clothing brand based in Lima-Peru. The brand philosophy is based on three important pillars, these are: SURF, PARTY & STREET.

The brand was founded in 1996 by three Peruvian Chicos with the idea to be independent in their own adventurous lifestyle and to have their own clothes produced for action sports like surfing, skateboarding, skates and Bmx. After a few years the brand Dunkelvolk consolidates Urban Street Wear and Surfwear and integrates South American artists and designers into their community.

The name Dunkelvolk is the spontaneously born combination of the old VW (Volkswagen) surfer bus of the founders and their first collection, which was originally in dark primary colors (good primer for possible dirt 😉).

The naming concept also consists of the fact that each one of us carries a dark side in him/herself. This means an inner side, where individual talents in sports and arts are slumbering and waiting to be discovered and exploited. After all, we are beings who try to live in balance by combining art, action and adventure.

South American artists design spectacular collections for Dunkelvolk – the production is almost entirely located in Peru, using Peruvian cotton of the finest quality.